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Luthier's Workbench puts all your lutherie-related information at your fingertips and simplifies the business side of your custom instrument or repair shop. Download a 30-day trial version today and see for yourself!

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Luthier's Workbench - Professional Software for Professional Luthiers

Luthier's Workbench offers the professional luthier the means to record every aspect of their custom builds, repair jobs and related business activities.

Luthier's Workbench offers a wide range of features to meet the needs of the professional luthier who offers repair services or custom built instruments.

New version released October 2017 - click here for new features.

Version History

For the Builder

* Record woods, hardware and finish materials for your instruments.

* Record dimensions, weights, deflection measurements and resonant frequencies for any instrument part.

* Record standard model features as well as popular options such as soundports, bevels or fanned-frets.

* Assign prices to each model and build option offered to automate calculation of instrument prices.

* Enter finish schedules and notes to serve as a valuable reference for future builds.

* Use the Image Gallery feature to link images to individual instruments.

* Store address and contact details for all your customers and suppliers.

For the Repairer

* Build a price list for the repair services you offer as well as parts either sold directly or used in repair work.

* Automate the preparation of quotes by selecting from your list of repair services and parts.

* Print quotes, invoices, receipts, job sheets and build specifications.

* Keep track of quoted jobs, incomplete and completed work, as well as jobs requiring an invoice.

* Identify unpaid invoices.

* View customer build and repair job histories.

* Compare income and expenses and keep track of Sales Tax/GST/VAT.

* Filter income and expenses by a date or date range.

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