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Luthier's Journal

Luthier's Journal is an easy-to-use software application designed for the builder of electric guitars or basses, steel-string acoustic guitars, classical guitars, mandolins and violins who wishes to document every aspect of the instrument building process.

If your interest is in repairing instruments as well as building them, our companion product Luthier's Workbench may also be of interest.

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Whether you operate as a professional luthier or are a dedicated hobbyist, there are clear advantages in recording details of design features, materials, finishes, physical dimensions, weights and deflection measurements for all of your instruments' component parts. Luthier's Journal makes it easy to maintain a centralized reference for all your lutherie-related information.

The Image Gallery feature lets you link image files on your computer to an individual instrument. This provides you with a ready reference for construction methods, design features, bracing layouts as well as those all-important glamour shots of your completed instrument!

For professional or semi-professional builders, Luthier's Journal also provides the means to store customer and supplier details, record customer payments and keep track of monies owed at a glance.

Record woods, hardware and finish materials for your builds.

Document dimensions, weights, deflection and resonance measurements for any instrument component.

Build a library of standard model features as well as popular options such as soundports, bevels or fanned-frets.

Enter finish schedules and keep detailed notes to assist you in future builds.

Use the Image Gallery feature to link images to individual instruments.

Assign prices to each model and option to allow for easy calculation of instrument prices.

Add customer payment details and track outstandings.

Store address and contact details for all your customers and suppliers.

Access your supplier web sites directly from the application.

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